Steps to add a SHARED Virtual Disk to be used for Oracle ASM use in Virtual Box Environment

Issue => We need to add a new Hard disk to an Existing Virtual Box Oracle Image and Make it shareable so we can use it as an Oracle ASM Disk
a) Add a new New Virtual Disk while instance is Online

Go to => File -> virtual media manager and create a 8 GB file


Then attached the VDI Disk file to both RAC Nodes (Add hard disk)


We need to Shutdown the Node to add this virtual Harddisk as the feature to scan SCSI Bus isn’t available in Virtual Box as we can’t add the new HDD to the VBox image unless we modify settings which require VBox instance to be shutdown

b) Now set the property of this disk as sharable so it is visible from both Nodes

Modify => C:\Users\divmehta_uk\.VirtualBox\VirtualBox.xml  ( & also file “VirtualBox.xml.bak)

-> change line

<HardDisk uuid=”{e403746c-3792-4412-a6a0-0c450dc445fa}” location=”E:\VirtualBox_strrac19_11gr2_Grid_RAC_Image_Dump\shared_disk\fra_shrddisk1.vdi” format=”VDI” type=”Normal”/>

-> to

<HardDisk uuid=”{e403746c-3792-4412-a6a0-0c450dc445fa}” location=”E:\VirtualBox_strrac19_11gr2_Grid_RAC_Image_Dump\shared_disk\fra_shrddisk1.vdi” format=”VDI” type=”Shareable“/>

c) Start Vbox Image to Identify the new Virtual HDD and format it for ASM

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